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People, pathogens and our planet: the economics of one health

People, pathogens and our planet: the economics of one health

The World Bank has released a report on the economics of One Health. Several WHSG members provided information to inform the World Bank's analyses. The publication can be accessed at: http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/2012/06/16360943/people-pathog...

This study aims to build on the findings from the previously mentioned studies, and seeks to provide more detailed information on the costs of the various functions and categories of expenditure involved in the establishment and operation of system for the prevention and control of emerging zoonotic diseases at country and global level. It will also seek to provide information on efficiency and effectiveness gains that will result from the introduction of a One Health approach. With these aims, the study has two target audiences: (a) project planners, who will benefit from the information of the costs of setting up surveillance and control systems to be used as benchmarks when planning preparedness and control operations; and (b) policy planners at the decision-making level, who would use the information on the efficiency and effectiveness gains to guide them in the decision-making process regarding the eventual introduction of One Health. This report disaggregates costs by task, making explicit those activities that are critical for effectiveness and identifying scope for efficiencies. The analysis draws on a range of data sources and earlier work, including integrated national action plans for, and World Bank staff appraisal reports on, avian and pandemic influenzas responses, a survey of the directors of wildlife services, assessments of veterinary systems in developing countries, and OIE (Office International des Epizooties - World Organization for Animal Health) analyses of disease prevention systems.