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Commissioned by the IUCN Species Survival Commission to serve as a first response for wildlife health concerns across the world.

PREDICT Field Sampling Training Guides

PREDICT Field Sampling Training Guides

The USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT project has released a series of guides on field sampling and related topics that may be useful for wildlife health professionals. The full list can be found below. All are publicly available for electronic download at: http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/ohi/predict/predict_publications.cfm#Guides

General Information
-Basic Laboratory Safety (English-pdf, French)
-Biosafety and PPE Use (English-pdf, French)
-Emergency Preparedness (English-pdf, French)
-Implementing Cold Chain for Safe Sample Transport and Storage (English-pdf)
-Packing and Shipping Biological Samples (English-pdf)
-QGIS User Guide (English-pdf)
Field Sampling Guides
-Avian Sampling Methods (English-pdf)
-Bat Sampling Methods (English-pdf, French)
-Bushmeat Sampling Methods (English-pdf)
-Livestock Sampling Methods (English-pdf)
-Non-Human Primate Sampling Methods (English-pdf)
-Rodent Sampling Methods (English-pdf)
-Safe Animal Capture and Sampling (English-pdf)
-Small Carnivore Sampling Methods (English-pdf)
Qualitative Research Guides
-Qualitative Research: Introduction & Observational Research Methods (English-pdf)
-Qualitative Research: Focus Groups, Ethnographic Interviews, & Data Analysis (English-pdf)